Whether you are looking for a product strategy, the design of a new product, help improving your development process, a services blueprint, straight-up product management, or in-depth user research, we can help.

Here are the typical ways we engage:


You face a big strategic challenge and don't have capacity to tackle it alone or you require an unbiased perspective. Our Tortoise engagement is well suited for your needs. The engagement includes 500 hours spread across 2-3 months. The final output of our collaboration might be a product strategy canvas, a product management playbook, or designs for a product MLP (minimum lovable product).


A clever idea has emerged and you really want to test it, or you need a momentum boost to turn around a sluggish team. The Hare engagement might be a fit. This package includes 80 hours and is completed over 2-4 weeks. A typical Hare project might end in a design sprint, a mental model diagram based on user research, or a buy vs build analysis.


Two weeks are far too short to tackle your challenge, but you can't or don't need to commit to months of collaboration, then Goldilocks might be just right. With 300 hours spread across 6-8 weeks, this engagement allows us to dig deep into the issues but also drives toward a speedy endpoint. Typically Goldilocks generates a couple of key outputs such as a design sprint, a service blueprint, or other analyses.

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